Saturday, January 26, 2008

"King of the Massacre" by A Vision Grotesque (Metal/Hard Rock artist from North Carolina (NC))

"King of the Massacre" by A Vision Grotesque is an explosive expression of untamed, hardcore metal. Dark, Electrifying, and chest-pounding best describe this attention-grabbing collection. Thrilling guitar work takes the center stage, backed by hard-hitting drumming. Vocally, this band gives it all they've got – literally. "Funeral Whore" demonstrates AVG's stunning guitar work and overzealous vocals. "A Vision Grotesque" also stands out as very radio-friendly, and showcases the sheer performance power that this band radiates. Lyrically, AVG strikes gold with their well-written metaphoric messages. Overall, "King of the Massacre" is a great metal album, built for the most hardcore of metal fans.
-Xavier P.
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