Monday, June 16, 2008

“Addicted” by Lawless Breed (Hard Rock Artist from Australia)

"Addicted" by the memorable Lawless Breed is a rock n' roll album that is undoubtedly over-flowing with power and authenticity. Grinding electric guitars form unforgettable riffs, topped by vocal performances that are powerful, to say the least. "Big Talker" reflects this band's very big-sound, tight performances, edgy vocals, and straight-forward lyrics. Moreover, "Don't Come Looking" shines in the area of catchy electric riffs and solos. There is no disputing that one listen to these tunes will have rock fans begging for a live show. This band delivers on every track, displaying musical integrity and originality along with a tight, polished, and energized sound. Flaunting production that is creative and on-point, "Addicted" is a release that will have any hard rock fan begging for more from this talented band.
-Xavier P.