Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Never Cancel the Stage!" by Two Ton Shoe (Hard Rock Artist from Boston, Massachusetts(MA))

"Never Cancel the Stage!" by Two Ton Shoe is a funk rock album with elements of dance and club brought to you by a talented group of musicians. The first thing you notice about these guys is that they have a sound that is truly their own. You get wicked bass, precise and creative drumming, slinky guitar, and party-minded vocals and lyrics that create a sound not dissimilar from Jamiroquai. There are a great deal of twists and turns in these songs, ranging from soulful, acoustic love songs to funky dance music that won't let you sit still. The arrangements are all solid, with great care taken in making the sound full and really creating a musical experience. The recording quality is excellent – the louder the speakers, the better. Highlights include "Move in the Light," a bumper and a shaker with a driving beat and nice vocal harmony. "Free" features some tricky guitar work, nice accents, and a soulful vocal performance. "Space Bugs (Gilmania Remix)" closes things out with a funked out bass line and a serious groove that makes you want to move. Overall, "Never Cancel The Stage!" is a good, fun album with outstanding musicianship. If you enjoy funk rock and need a new album to groove to, pick up this one.
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