Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Swig" by Swig (Hard Rock Artist from California(CA))

This self-titled EP from California bay area rockers "Swig" is a chug from a can of straight-up rock and roll, with a few sips of more sensitive tracks mixed in. Booze, drugs and rock is the name of the game with most of the tracks on the CD. You get big, crunchy guitar riffs, thick rolling rhythms, and true rock vocals on the classic rock tracks. That's the recipe, plain and simple. The influence of 70's and 80's rock is very apparent in their sound on most of the tracks. There's no trickery involved in the rock tracks, just straight up rock n' roll. At the same time, on some of the tracks, the band turns the amps down for ballads that feature female vocals, which add a nice variety to the tracks. This CD is a good rock package that sticks to its roots. Highlights include the opener "Whisky Babe," an excellent kickoff song, with a killer riff and a pumping rhythm section. "Home" breaks it down into a slower tempo and features female vocals. "What Matters the Most" uses an interesting production effect to transition from a car radio sound to a rockin' ballad with gentle female vocals. "Make Me Beg" closes things out nicely with raunchy slide guitar and a punchy rhythm. If you enjoy classic rock, you will enjoy this CD.
-William and the Reviewer Team
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