Sunday, August 17, 2008

“Violate Propriety" by Freedom (Hard Rock Artist from California(CA))

Of all the great stories of how albums are made, Freedom's debut hard rock album, "Violate Propriety," must be among them. Freedom was just a regular guy going through a regular divorce when he was set up for a crime that landed him innocent, and in prison for seven and a half years. While in prison, he picked up guitar and played for a band of inmates. He learned the excellent production techniques that he used on this album, as well as how to play all of the instruments heard on the album. Freedom's sound has been hailed as modern vintage rock, since it derives from '80s metal with shredding guitars and authoritative grunts reminiscent of Metallica and Mötley Crüe. The other facet to the sound is a Pink Floyd-influenced psychedelic acoustic. Combine that with modern hard rock and modern lyrics, and there you have it. The lyrics on "Violate Propriety" are biting, thoughtful, and intellectual as Freedom sings about heartbreak, failure of the institution of marriage, and celebrating life for what it is. "Allison Wonderland" is a song about the"It" girl with great rhyming, storytelling lyrics with the memorable chorus, "You wanna, I wanna, we wanna Allison Wonderland." "Threading the Needle" is an instrumental track that shows Freedom's musical capabilities as he shreds on the guitar and delivers a great backing arrangement. "Violate Propriety" is a great, intelligent hard rock album with a great story. Fans of modernized '80s metal and true-to-life lyricism, give Freedom a chance.
-Chris & the Review Team
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