Thursday, August 26, 2010

"4:13" by The Mary Major (Hard Rock Artist from Sweden)

Hang on to your seats as the Rock band, The Mary Major, spins a web of tantalizing Metal music on their latest CD, "04:13." There's never a dull moment on this album as the male/female lead vocals complement each other with electrifying tonality while the bellowing guitars weave blazing power chords and building beats. "Morning Sickness," is a frenzied fury of guitar hooks that interlock with the edgy vocals and strong and solid drums. Listen as "Ambush," starts out slow and melodic and kicks in with snarling vocal stance that careens around the searing guitars. "Time of Death," runs full throttle as the seething vocals invigorate the senses as the razor sharp guitar casts an unshakeable hook. This album is embedded with strong and powerful lyrical music that is well balanced and produced. If you like a band that has maximum Heavy Metal attitude, then you will definitely enjoy the blistering Rock music on the album, "04:13."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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