Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Around The World" by Guitarsnake (Instrumental Rock Artist)

Guitar virtuoso, Guitarsnake, aka Nicolas Notorianni, releases another spectacular instrumental Rock CD, "Around the World." Guitarsnake will mesmerize you with his collection of superb music as he fascinates the soul with his captivating talent. He impresses with his ability to make his guitar "sing" these dynamic and well balanced melodic melodies. He opens up the CD with the song, "My Religion," which has 4 parts to it. Each track is electrifying as it is richly textured with complementing strings that swirl around his entrancing guitar. The title track, "Around the World," is an enticing song that shimmers with a melodic guitar that evokes emotive ambiance. "Surrounded," is a song that has slithery guitar hooks and you will like how the delicate strings incorporate a delicate and dreamy tonality. If you like the smooth grooves of Joe Satriani, then you will definitely enjoy the brilliant Rock album, "Around the World."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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