Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Illuminus" by Azumuth (Hard Rock Artist from Australia)

"Illuminus" is the newest release by hard rock/alternative band Azumuth. The record wastes no time getting into heavy guitar riffs with the opening song "For You" but contrarily decorates softer moments with well balanced synths and vocal harmonies. Further surpassing alternative rock expectations is the piano ballad, "Illuminate" which is also accompanied by stunning synth strings. The broad influences and tones elevate this album beyond the typical and will grab hold of the listener with its edgy rock and outstanding musicians who perform with tight accuracy. There's also a nice element to the recordings that's sincere and vulnerably honest. For fans of modern rock with density, this is the new record to check out. The ever popular band, "Tool" may have found their new opening act.

-Max B. and the Reviewer Team
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