Sunday, January 24, 2010

"11 Empty Bottles" by The Tosspints (Hard Rock Aritst from Michigan(MI))

The Tosspints, a talented trio of musicians, and their latest released album, "11 Empty Bottles," is a collection of raucous and rambunctious Celtic Punk/Folk songs that are aimed at infusing their listeners with energy and telling a couple dark and jaded stories along the way. The fast paced song,"1 Beer, 1 Shot, 1 Memory" offers up some free spirited lyrics swirling around strong and solid drum beats. The Punk sounding song, "Young Girl, Bad Idea" is energetic with crisp vocals projecting attitude while the drums deliver a fury of riffs and beats. "My Own Sinking Ship" is a song that uses entertaining and quick paced lyrics along with the band harmonizing with whimsical style over a duple beat. This album is a great collection of entertaining and rowdy songs and if you are a fan of Flogging Molly or Gogol Bordello then you will really enjoy the Tosspints latest CD, "11 Empty Bottles."

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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