Saturday, May 10, 2008

"This is Gonna Hurt" by Gary 84 (Hard Rock Artist from Los Angeles, California(CA))

"This is Gonna Hurt" by Gary 84 is an impressive Power Pop/Punk album packed full of angst and mischief. This 5 piece brings you a classic punk guitar sound, big fat driving rhythms and "Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll Lyrics." The album in general is very loud and wild. The boys are tight, giving you stellar changes in their arrangements and providing you with a formula for hard partying. The high energy raspy vocals, are perfect for this genre. Highlights are "Back From MArs" with a killer build in the intro, breaking into an intense chop-fest. "All Blood for Sex" is a pit starter with it's caveman beat and fist pumping choruses. "Love Mess" gets right up in your face and says "Say No to Love." If you enjoy high energy rock and roll with an attitidue, you'll love this CD.
-William and the Reviewer Team