Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Betrayfull Sins" by VariaH (Metal/Punk Artist from DENMARK)

VariaH releases their debut album, "Betrayfull Sins," with a powerful Metal/Punk punch. This group impresses with its melodic vocals and searing guitars. Right from the start you will be captivated by these powerhouse Metal songs. The title track, "Betrayfull Sins," has a hypnotic groove and gripping vocals. Another song, "Cast The Spell," is bursting with an energetic energy in which the fascinating melody charms you with an electrifying appeal. This band takes it down a few notches to a mellower tonality on the songs, "StoneCold," and "Tear You Apart." These songs still have Metal passion and you will be mesmerized by these soulful melodies. "Hidden Agenda," is another song that ignites with razor sharp guitars and edgy vocals. If you are looking for some intoxicating Metal/Punk music then you will really enjoy the fantastic songs on the excellent CD, "Betrayfull Sins."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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